Business or altruism? We do both

For the new generation of entrepreneurs with a social Society
and to make a profit is a possible dream.

This is not about philanthropy. This is social entrepreneurship, “this kind of business is growing around the world,” says John Elkington, world authority on sustainability.

Elkington created the term Triple Bottom line (which we could interpret, within a business vision, as a triple base) – the three pillars in an entrepreneurship: social, economic and environment. Ninomiya Corporation believes in this and brings this concept to its entrepreneurship.

After 12 years working in social works as a volunteer, the founder of the corporation brought his activities to a professional approach, after knowing the social entrepreneurship that is changing the world with business solutions.

In a research made by GlobeScan and SustainAbility with 559 sustainability experts around the world, an interesting result was found: companies that are willing to solve environmental problems have been far more effective than NGOs.

Combining social work experience and strategies in business and social entrepreneurship, Ninomiya Corporation develops profitable projects and programs with positive soc

Akira Ninomiya Júnior

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