RePacificar – Transdiciplinary Center for Conflict Ressignification

The RePacificar – Transdisciplinary Center for Conflict Ressignification is a segment of the corporation specialized in negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration practices, acting in a preventive, interventional and restorative manner, in both public and private sectors.
Professionals specializing in diagnosing the original causes of conflict and applying the most appropriate measures for each situation work with a transdisciplinary team, with professionals from different areas, such as: psychology (family and organizational), social assistance and systemic theory (family and organizational constellation).
Besides acting directly in situations of conflict, the RePacificar – Transdisciplinary Center for Conflict Resignation provides consulting, courses, seminars, workshops and lectures.

Ninomiya Technologies

Ninomiya Technologies was born out of a constant need for Ninomiya Corporation to develop new technologies to manage its ventures or even launch systems to facilitate the daily life of the team, both professionally and personally and socially.

The need became a hobby and the hobby became an enterprise, with the development of new systems and applications for various purposes.

YUME Studio

Yume Studio was born from the union of three professional artistic segments for the development of a short film in graphic animation, which tells the story of Ninomiya Kinjirô.

From a cultural hobbie was born an enterprise focused on the production of animations, live-action short films and documentaries.

Publishing Company Sontoku

Created to meet a social demand for books about human development, Publishing Company Sontoku brings to the market its own production books, translates Brazilian works for the international market and publishes Portuguese versions of international works.

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