Ninomiya Corp 3.0

Our history

The Ninomiya Corporation, in the beginning, was created to converge and manage small businesses and family projects. It arose from the need for a family to secure their own livelihood and find a new business space in a crisis economy.

The Houtoku System, with its principles and values of moral reform, was first applied by the founder himself in his restructuring process, after breaking financially.
From this beginning, using all strategies originally developed to help and support your family, this initiative is today the Ninomiya Corporation, a company specialized in strategic planning, with solid enterprises and businesses in Brazil and abroad.

Application of the Houtoku philosophy;
Innovation, with respect to tradition;
Moral and spiritual integrity;
Social consciousness and entrepreneurial vision;
Commitment to education;
Commitment to moral transformation;


Commitment to the culture of peace;
Transdisciplinary approach;
Unification vision;
Autonomy and empowerment;
Sharing of knowledge and experiences;
Balance between family and profession;
Love for what we do.

The Founder

Akira Ninomiya Júnior was born in Goiânia, son of Akira Ninomiya and Maria Luiza de Oliveira Ninomiya.

He lived in Japan in 1995, in Yokohama City, where he strengthened his connection with the culture of his ancestors.

He was part of his academic background in the United States, in Boston – Massachusetts, attending his senior year at Humana Barnes Middle School, honored with the title of Honor of Merit and was the speaker representing his class.

He studied in a public school in the city of Goiânia, graduated in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás, and held a federal public position for eight and a half years, working in the legal and ethics, union, bidding and electoral commissions.

He acted as a lawyer, but since the beginning he saw the limits of this beautiful profession in face of the obstacles of the Brazilian judicial system.

At the beginning of the Law course, Akira was familiar with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (mediation, conciliation and arbitration), and has been studying and researching in this area for more than a decade.

He specialized in Conflict Mediation by the Harvard Program Negotiation Program. He became a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution of New York (ACR-GNY).

Akira Júnior is married to Graciele Teodoro Peixoto Franco Ninomiya and father of Artur Teodoro Ninomiya and Akio Teodoro Ninomiya. Akira today acts as an entrepreneur, researcher, teacher and speaker, always linking his activities to Human Development.

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