The Ninomiya Corp 3.0 consolidated itself in an
Era of connectivity and transition

Ninomiya Corporation is a company dedicated to Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, developing and managing its own projects and restructuring and incorporating others projects that already existing in the market.

Our mission is to innovate in entrepreneurship, creating bridges between tradition and innovation, between business and social entrepreneurship, developing strategic solutions for human development in a sustainable way.

We keep the legacy of Kinjirô “Sontoku” Ninomiya, of the eighteenth century, pioneer in social entrepreneurship and innovative in sustainability techniques. The Houtoku methodology, developed by Kinjirô, compose the axiological basis and strategic of the corporation and its enterprises.

As a philosophy of leadership and management, the corporation (from Latin corporis and actio, body and action) develops and manages its enterprises and projects as if they were a single body, as a single organism, all working autonomously, but interconnected, aiming for innovation and excellence.

In the social sphere, the Ninomiya Corporation has a strong presence in projects and programs with proven positive social impact, recognized in Brazil and other countries.

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