Jōshō Concept

Jōshō (愚 公 移 山)

“With small efforts we have achieved great achievements.” – Kinjiro Ninomiya

Jōsho Experience is an area of Ninomiya Corporation dedicated to social entrepreneurship that encompasses and consolidates various initiatives and partnerships within the same “banner”: Human Development in the Heart of Brazil.

The term Jōshō comes from the Japanese language and means “ascension”.

The purpose of Jōshō XP is to spread in society actions aimed at human and social development. Jōshō’s axiological concept is grounded in the principles and values that underpinned Japan in reframing the crises that occurred in Japan as it ascended to become a world power, always focusing on human development.

Vídeos Jōshō

Jōshō Initiatives


Re-pacifying is a methodology for resignification of conflict and reconciliation, widespread in various social contexts such as schools, communities, religious institutions and organizations. The actions have gained international recognition and today has partners such as Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.


Neo-Houtoku is a rereading of the developed Japanese system Kinjiro Ninomiya, today applied by Jōshō for restructuring social activities and developing sustainable projects that have a positive impact on society.


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