Applied Research

Research was a key element in creating the entire business and social landscape of Ninomiya Corporation through its projects, ventures and social entrepreneurship.

Honoring its origins, the corporation created and maintains an applied research area, investing in the production of applied knowledge in several areas: Conflict Reframing and Emotional Intelligence development; Houtoku system; science and spirituality.

Research results are applied to existing ventures or the creation and development of new initiatives.


Conflict Reframing

and Emotional Intelligence Development

Research on the resignification of beliefs of patterns that limit human potential, within a systemic view, generating crises and conflict situations. The approach is based on the RePacify methodology.


Research on the Houtoku system of moral-value financial administrative restructuring, developed by Kinjiro Ninomiya (1787 – 1857). This research is collaborated with Dr. Mariko Nakagiri, from the University of Kyoto, Japan.


Research on how science and spirituality interconnect and complement each other in a constructive dialectic. Self healing through faith and spiritual healing are themes that research seeks to elucidate through a scientific approach.


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