Ninomiya Corporation


The Ninomiya Corporation was initially set up to converge and run small businesses and family projects. It was born from the need for a family to secure their own livelihood and find a new business space in a crisis economy.

The Houtoku System, developed by Ninomiya Kinjiro (1787 – 1857), with its principles and values of moral reform, was first applied by the founder himself in his process of financial restructuring after breaking down financially.

From this beginning, using all the strategies originally developed to help and help your family, this initiative is today Ninomiya Corporation, a company that specializes in strategic planning, with solid ventures and businesses in Brazil and abroad.

Ninomiya Corporation

The Founder

Akira Ninomiya Junior is an International Writer and Speaker; Strategic Coach in Social Entrepreneurship, Business and Finance; acts as a high performance Behavioral Trainer.


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