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“Life has not dominated the globe by fighting but by symbiosis.” – poet Emily Dickinson quoted by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan

Chinese chess, called Go, inspired the corporation to create a business network. Unlike western chess, Go starts with the board empty and during the game players bring in new pieces. The main purpose of oriental chess is to gather pieces, not attack the king on the other side.

Thinking about this teaching and analyzing the current economic scenario, the corporation created the Symbiosis Business Partnership, a business networking that aims to build bridges between companies and professionals, using one of its most valuable resources: large network of contacts in many countries.

Symbiosis Initiatives

Symbiosis Happy Hour Empresarial

Meetings between members to conduct business networking and strengthen relationships among group members, which can be extended to clients and partners.

Symbiosis Business Talk

Business lectures and development of emotional intelligence, following the TED Talk format, with guest speakers, always performing in different places, honoring the partner institutions of the group.

Cartão Symbiosis Membership

Members of the business group receive the Symbiosis Membership Card which gives access to Corporation activities and events, discounts on other Members’ products and services, and other benefits.

Symbiosis Group members and professionals


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