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Ninomiya Corporation’s mission is to foster the competitiveness of small and micro companies in Goiás, through the relationship
bilateral with other countries, with mutual benefits, promoting the internationalization of their business and the attraction of partnerships and foreign direct investments.

Through partnerships established in various countries, with professionals and institutions, the Corporation developed the Green Heart Business Connection, international missions to promote micro and small entrepreneurs in Goiás and leverage the development of new businesses in the state of Goiás.


The term Green Heart used to denote the international connections and missions carried out by the Ninomiya Corporation was chosen to honor the “nickname” of the state of Goiás, the Green Heart of Brazil.

The strategic vision of international business missions aims to bring groups of Goian micro and small business owners to Ninomiya Corporation partner countries, supported by public and private funding institutions, to undertake business trips, with the purpose of establishing business contacts or experiences about new business opportunities, or acquire knowledge and trends for greater competitiveness for national and / or international business.

Trinity Connection

Trinity Connection is a business and academic study partnership with partners from New York and Boston. New York City was the city of choice as the hub of business, business exchanges, and Massachusetts was the region of choice for connection in academic studies and research, especially Harvard and MIT.


“Kisei” is a Japanese term meaning “returning home” or “returning home”. It is a tribute to the Japanese immigrants who sought work opportunities in Brazil, since June 1908, and became great collaborators with human and social development in Brazil.
Connections with Yokohama, Kyoto, Kumamoto, Odawara and Tokyo make up the Kisei mission’s articulation base.


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